A criminal attorney is bound to a certain code of ethics, just like any other profession that you can name. For this reason, many clients may wonder if a criminal attorney will still represent them, even if they are guilty. While these ethical standards are very important, they do not preclude an attorney from representing a guilty client.

When representing a guilty client, the entire legal strategy changes. Time spent gathering evidence to potentially exonerate a person is spent on trying to obtain a lesser sentence and researching maximum and minimum penalties instead.

An attorney cannot lie in a court of law if they know something. So this means that they will usually excuse themselves from certain aspects of your version of events. Otherwise, the oath that they took as attorneys obligates them to tell the entire truth. When you know that you are guilty, it is best to omit certain details, so that your criminal attorney can still build a case.

When your attorney knows that you are guilty, they can work to persuade the judge and prosecution to give you a lesser sentence. They will push for a plea bargain, which allows you to plead guilty, but to a lesser charge, for a lesser sentence. Instead of pleading guilty to a drug distribution charge, you may be able to plead guilty to a drug possession charge.

While they cannot get your charges dropped or win an acquittal, they can put you into a much better position once it comes time to be sentenced. It is a grave error in judgment to simply assume that you are guilty and not hire a criminal attorney. Your chances of receiving any sort of leniency are all but thrown out of the window at that point.

Your attorney can also help you by obtaining character references that speak to your level of remorse for your actions. Writing an apology letter also goes a long way towards displaying the correct level of contriteness for what you’ve done. Anything that can help the judge to look upon with increased favor will be suggested by your attorney.

One thing a criminal attorney will not do for a client who is considered to be guilty is help them to plead not guilty. This represents a major conflict of interest, as you reduce their ability to defend you without being dishonest.

A criminal attorney represents you if you are guilty, provided you are honest and forthcoming as possible. They cannot lie on your behalf, but they can defend you to the best of their abilities. If you have been arrested for a criminal charge and are facing a long sentence, hiring an attorney may be the last option available to you. Don’t delay, call today.

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